Improvised Alchemy

Improvised Alchemy is a collective of artists, producers, and makers applying their considerable talents to long-term collaborative productions on a global scale.  From site-specific transmedia performance installations to international documentaries and interactive online archives – all engaging diverse artistic and performance practices – Improvised Alchemy combines the skills of many to bring visionary productions to life.

Erroneous Funk

Erroneous Funk is a collective of improvisers united with a common purpose: to push the limits of groove-based free improvisation whenever and wherever possible.  With a roster of regular collaborators that has included bassist Mark Graham, drummers Brett Chassen and Mike “the clock” Gilfone, saxophonist and hand-percussionist Walter Gershon, experimental keyboardist Renee T. Coulombe, the members of Erroneous Funk have been throwing down outrageous grooves since 2001.