Performing Collectives

Les Demoiselles D’Analogue is an experimental performance art duo weaving site specific dreamscapes in sound and light. With experimental sound and visual artist Aude Rrose, and multi instrumentalist composer-performer, Renée Coulombe, the duo creates immersive performance works that explore the delicate borders of memory, ephemerality and desire.

Improvised Alchemy transmedia collective


Improvised Alchemy is a collective of artists, producers, and makers applying their considerable talents to long-term collaborative productions on a global scale.  From site-specific transmedia performance installations to international documentaries and interactive online archives – all engaging diverse artistic and performance practices – Improvised Alchemy combines the skills of many to bring visionary productions to life.


Adaptable Girl was a Southern California-based digital performance collective exploring immersive installations with a distinct social and experimental vibe.  Constructing interactive events where participants explore, interact with art elements, create their own works and are invited to co-collaborate – Adaptable Girl artists remain dedicated to creating body-centered aesthetic events bridging emergent and recycled technologies with improvisation and play.


Erroneous Funk


Erroneous Funk is a collective of improvisers united with a common purpose: to push the limits of groove-based free improvisation whenever and wherever possible.  With a roster of regular collaborators that has included bassist Mark Graham, drummers Brett Chassen and Mike “the clock” Gilfone, saxophonist and hand-percussionist Walter Gershon, experimental keyboardist Renee T. Coulombe, the members of Erroneous Funk have been throwing down outrageous grooves since 2001.

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