Author: reneetc


SSfff (2007), for 2-channel audio and video installation. Composed for High and Dry, Concert of new media. Riverside Music Authority and Open Fist Theater. March 1, 2007 at Open Fist


Cut (2004), for recorded samples, live electronics, live video feed, live-action drawing, and dancer. With Vuslat and Ilknur Demirkoparan, and David Horvitz. Performed at Technika Radika Festival, San Diego, January


Satori (2000), for amplified violin and voice. Written for violinist Mark Menzies, 175 East Performance Spaces: Auckland, New Zealand, August 6, 2000 and Wellington, August 8, 2000. Roy O Disney

Piano Outtakes (Piano Take-Out)

Piano Outtakes (Piano Take-Out) (1991 rev. 2000), 2-channel tape. OPEN SPACE label, disc OS 12, 2000. Broadcast on “Foldover” (Radio Program) on WOBC 91.5FM, Oberlin, OH, October 1, 2001.  

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