Sympathetic Resonance

  Sympathetic Resonance (2014-2016) suite for prepared piano and electronics. This 4-movement concert-length work for solo prepared piano and electronics celebrates the piano’s pivotal role in the history western music, its prevalence as sound source for musicians and artists, as well as the remarkable technology of the instrument itself. Three movements of the work in […]

Pots and pans and empty shoes

Pots and pans and empty shoes (2013), immersive fixed audio and prepared piano composition for Chapul’LA: an evening of performance art by visual artists, performers and writers on recent events in Turkiye, produced in conjunction with the Los Angeles Gezi Forum. Premiered at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA. September 14, 2013. Also presented […]


Cut (2004), for recorded samples, live electronics, live video feed, live-action drawing, and dancer. With Vuslat and Ilknur Demirkoparan, and David Horvitz. Performed at Technika Radika Festival, San Diego, January 30, 2004. Festival Link:  

New Media/New Work @UCR

New Media/New Work (2002), a concert-length, collaborative, digital-intermedia performance work for 15 players. Performance Lab, UC Riverside, April 5, 2002. Roy O. Disney Hall, California Institute for the Arts, on October 9, 2002.