Sympathetic Resonance

  Sympathetic Resonance (2014-2016) suite for prepared piano and electronics. This 4-movement concert-length work for solo prepared piano and electronics celebrates the piano’s pivotal role in the history western music, its prevalence as sound source for musicians and artists, as well as the remarkable technology of the instrument itself. Three movements of the work in […]

Pots and pans and empty shoes

Pots and pans and empty shoes (2013), immersive fixed audio and prepared piano composition for Chapul’LA: an evening of performance art by visual artists, performers and writers on recent events in Turkiye, produced in conjunction with the Los Angeles Gezi Forum. Premiered at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA. September 14, 2013. Also presented […]

12th Consciousness

12th Consciousness (2009), DVD audio-video installation. Published on Sounding Out! (Everglade, 2010) DVD in 5.1 surround, featuring new works by Mara Helmuth, Kristin Nordeval, Anna Rubin, Linda Dusman and Madelyn Byrne.   Concert Premiere in New York, NY at Roulette, January 23, 2010.  Installation premiere at the International Computer Music Conference on June 1­3, 2010, SUNY […]


SSfff (2007), for 2-channel audio and video installation. Composed for High and Dry, Concert of new media. Riverside Music Authority and Open Fist Theater. March 1, 2007 at Open Fist Theater, Los Angeles, CA.  

We Share Something

We Share Something (2002), for 8-channel tape, California Institute for the Arts, October 9, 2002. Also at: Spectrum New Music Festival, First United Methodist Church, Santa Barbara, CA, May 24, 2003. (refereed selection), Third Annual “Women in New Music” Festival, California State University, Fullerton, March 13, 2004. (refereed selection) “SongLines” Series, Mills College, Oakland, CA. […]

The Ten Thousand Things

The Ten Thousand Things (2001), amplified cello and prepared piano. Commissioned for “Music and Identity in the Third Millennium,” University of California, Riverside, November 3, 2001. Supported with a grant from the Ford Foundation through the Center for Ideas and Society. Roy O. Disney Hall, California Institute for the Arts, February 27th 2002.  


Satori (2000), for amplified violin and voice. Written for violinist Mark Menzies, 175 East Performance Spaces: Auckland, New Zealand, August 6, 2000 and Wellington, August 8, 2000. Roy O Disney Hall, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA, October 4, 2000. Broadcast and webcast on Concert FM 92.5, December 2000. Juried selection, “Feminist Theory and […]