Not Art Dream Song

This special preview of the audio installation (below)  of the first movement for “Dream Song Duet: For Ione” (with special thanks to Charlotte for her dreams, and Uncle for his voice.) This movement features field recordings made of dreams in the very early stages of waking.  The suite explores the sonic spaces and their relationship to dream states, immersion and our collective notions of reality.  Representing a kind of journey through hypnagogia through to a dreaming state, the haunting audio verges on the spectral and the gothic, yet its relationship to field recordings is never distant: reality lingers, but is shaped by the ever increasing influence of the Oneiric.  As the suite progresses, concréte recordings become more and more strange, landscapes merge with phantasmagorias, and the dream slows to a still point.  This opening movement dwells quietly on the blended state of wakefulness and sleep, where voice begin to bend and shift, images glow or become one with illusions, visions and hallucinations.  We are left in a suspended state between the narrative and the vast depths of reverberations, the land of the Fae, the Oneiri, the outlands of consciousness.


Not Art Dream Song is just the first movement of the one-hour concert length transmedia installation and performance.  The final suite’s four movements will feature interactive audio in large format HD projection, immersive or spatial audio installation, as well as live percussion and vocal performance.  Individual movements include:

I. Not Art Dream Song (7 minutes)

II. Dream Drum Song (14 minutes)

III. The Voice of the Ancestors (21 minutes)

IV.  Living Dream (7 minutes)

Individual movements also released as short multimedia films 2018-2019 through Banshee Media, performance and documentation by Improvised Alchemy.  All music and video by Renée T. Coulombe.

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